New Year - New You - Our Three Style Resolutions for 2020.

New Year - New You. Our three key style resolutions for 2020

As we go into not only a new year but a new decade, we have three key resolutions that we believe could have a major impact on the way you dress.

The start of a new year is always a good time to review some old habits and adopt some fresh new thinking, and being open to change. We have three key resolutions to share with you that will kickstart a very stylish year ahead.

Here's to an exciting year of fashion & style ahead.

Resolution: we won't shy away from colour & will be open to new colour combinations. Tonal mixes of block colours can look so elegant and inject a little of the unexpected.

We are looking forward to embracing colour this year and experimenting with some more unusual or tonal colour combinations. It's easy to stick with the security of a trusted palette, but adding a tonal contrast or an unexpected tone like tan with petrol blue, or a bright red with pink, as shown above with the By Malene Birger Azolla dress, can provide an instant update.

Why not try on something outside of your comfort zone, and see if you happen upon a new shade or colour combination that really works for you. 

Resolution: let's be conscious of the 'silhouettes' we are creating and try new shapes.

The silhouette of an outfit is often overshadowed by details like colour, print or fabric, and yet the actual shape and fit of a piece is arguably the most important factor to consider.

We challenge you to be conscious of the silhouette you are creating, and whether it was what you were hoping to achieve. For example if you want to accentuate a slim leg, you can exaggerate it by pairing a skinny trouser with oversized a-line tunic top. If you wanted to draw attention to an hourglass figure, try a wrap dress or bias skirt.

If you are feeling adventurous maybe even try a few new shapes you wouldn't usually go for - be it a puff sleeve, a wide leg or a nipped in waist - and see if you stumble across something exciting and new that works for you. Remember to balance the volume either at the bottom or the top. The Essentiel Antwerp Vileda floral puff sleeve blouse worn with a high waisted, wide leg trouser is a good example of a well balances silhouette.

Resolution: we can find new ways to have fun with our work wardrobe and still look businesslike.
Life is too short not to love what you wear every day, but most of us do have to work! So whether you have a casual work situation or a work in a corporate environment, you will be able to judge whether there is room to add a little more of your own personality into the mix.

Sometimes clever accessorising can elevate a casual workwear look, while a pop of colour or print can give a cool twist to a formal outfit without taking away from the professionalism of the overall look. This great shirtdress by Selected Femme is a good example.

Funnily enough, when we start taking a more fashion forward approach to the way we dress and really having fun with it, we find that both casual and formal almost meet somewhere in the middle. So have fun and experiment with some new colours, shapes and styles in 2020.