POM: a Story of Two Sisters

We have rather fallen in love with this new collection to Precious - POM Amsterdam. Stunning and quirky prints are the signature of this collection with a strong theme each season. For SS20 the theme is Luck.

Sisters Liesbeth and Violet Lotgering, have been creating scarves and clothing that they hope will make women happy since 2011. POM stands for 'Piece of Mine' that gives you that spark:

'...clothing that makes you smile. Your own 'Piece of Mine' that unlocks 'A Colourful State of Mind'.'

Liesbeth and Violet are sisters, born in an entrepreneurial family. Their grandfather was the founder of the well-known Royal Talens oil paint. Creativity and entrepreneurship flow through their veins. They share a passion to create beautiful things, to continue to challenge themselves and to surprise others.

The sisters design all prints and fashion items themselves - this collection was also co-designed by Katja Schuurman, a Dutch TV personality, and is inspired by Japanese symbols of luck:

'Small pieces of luck bring great moments of joy.'

The collections consist of elegant and feminine styles, characterised by powerful and contrasting colours, pronounced prints, nice details and the use of fine and natural fabrics.