Digital Dining Style - 5 style tips

As Lockdown continues, I find I feel more inclined to dress up rather than dress down. We have now had several evenings playing Bridge online with our friends, and regular conversations with family & friends but I do miss seeing them and a bit of face time here and there has been a saviour. That got me thinking about how we might celebrate & socialise together over the coming few weeks.

Essential Antwerp Valleroy Cardigan and Verfect Floral Dress Essential Antwerp Valleroy Cardigan with sparkly cuffs 


Selected Femme SFLViolet Maxi Dress

 SLFViolet Maxi Dress with silver shimmer stripe


  1. The Digital Dinner Party

Why not tune in with friends or family over WhatsApp or Zoom and share a dinner together. Light the candles, open a good bottle of wine or some fizz and dress up. This is definitely a moment to shimmer and sparkle and this lovely Essentiel Antwerp floral print has a pretty metallics silver thread running through it that will catch the candlelight over video beautifully. Why not add a pair of sparkly earrings too for added glamour ?

 Essentiel Antwerp Valoumi Floral Wrap Dress

Essential Antwerp Valoumi Floral Wrap Dress

 Suncoo Castille Pastel Floral Print Dress

Suncoo Castille Pastel Floral Print Dress

  1. It’s a Family Affair

Easter is soon here and what better time to share a Sunday lunch with family we can perhaps not visit in person at the moment. If you can get hold of a Facebook Portal this clever device converts your TV to a remote video screen, so perfect for parents who may not be quite so media savvy. Make it pretty by setting the table with candles, easter chocolate and flowers and wearing fresh uplifting floral prints to celebrate the Easter Holiday and the beginning of Spring.

 Primrose Park Betty Dress

Primrose Park Betty Dress 

P0wder Floral Embroidered Headband

Powder Floral Embroidered Headband 

  1. Garden Party Glamour

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious garden, then why not have a family garden party lunch over Easter. Set the scene with some fun games and an Easter Egg hunt round the garden and get everyone to make an effort and dress up. These pretty hairbands from Powder are the perfect accessory. Tune in with other family and friends on an ipad or laptop with Zoom or Skype.

 Essentiel Antwerp Vamos Black Lace Dress

 Essential Vamos Black lace dress with Sparkle Trim


  1. Different Date Night

If you and your loved one are in different places why not hang out together online? Treat it as a date night and again set the scene, light a perfumed candle, make something special to eat, dress up and enjoy each other’s company as if you were having a candlelit dinner together somewhere intimate and romantic, even if it is a Google hangout. A little black dress would be the perfect option.

Essentiel Antwerpo Vundamental Polka Dot dress in pink 

Essential Pink Dot Wrap Dress

 Essentiel Antwerp Vreally Pink Flower Necklace

Essentiel Antwerp Vreally Pink Flower Necklace

  1. Supper Club Chic

I wanted to give a shout out to Strazzanti & Friends who usually host supper clubs. These talented Sicilian sisters make the most delicious food which can now be delivered to you to cook at home in il piccolo pacchetto. You could easily arrange to co-ordinate with friends and cook and eat the same menu together while hanging our online. Casual cool is the dress code here this is a relaxed affair.

& finally 

  1. Channel Your Inner Muse

You could look on this time as an option to channel your inner fashion muse. Rather than resort to wearing jeans or joggers all the time, this could be a great moment to dress up rather than to dress down.

Essentiel Antwerp Verfect Floral Maxi Dress in blue

 Essentiel Antwerp Verfect Floral Maxi Dress in blue

Essentiel Antwerp Ventley Drop Earrings in green

Essentiel Antwerp Ventley Drop Earrings in green

I’ve currently decided to channel my inner Margo (The Good Life) which my husband Tim thinks is highly appropriate so I shall be wearing my pick of the week for Easter Lunch on Sunday complete with dangly drops!