What's Your WFH Style ?

What’s your WFH Style? It seems we are gaining a whole new language and some new wardrobe needs. WFH or Working from Home is now a widely spread activity. Earlier this week whilst listening to Woman’s Hour on BBC R4 I was fascinated listening to American stylist Dawnn Karen.

In Karen’s philosophy not making an effort when feeling stressed or anxious is all about “mood-illustration” dress. As she explains “This is what happens when you dress to perpetuate your current mood: you are styling from the inside out”

She believes that even in lockdown, clothes have a vital role to play. Wearing something that pleases us, even if no one else is going to see it can improve our mood and reduce feelings of powerlessness.

Set Animal Print Blouse 

Set Animal Print Blouse 

For example, research has shown, wearing an animal print can often make us feel strong and assertive whilst wearing brighter colours and prints enhances our feelings of confidence.

Karen’s WFH basic is a neat black dress & silk kimono which she says “I have to wear that in the house, or I feel very melancholy. It helps to give me a queen like persona and makes me feel royal”

While Karen may favour a silk Kimono at home, another of our favourite style setters, journalist Alyson Walsh of That’s Not My Age, has long adopted a relaxed but chic style which she calls “Business Creative” 

 360 Celeste Sweater

360 Cashmere Celeste Sweater

For Alyson, above the desk dressing often means great business-like tops with a more relaxed trouser and her go to trainers or funky flat shoes. As she says “feeling pulled together and comfortable is part of my daily routine”

One of Alyson’s favourite pieces is the jumpsuit or boiler suit which she featured in her Telegraph Fashion column this week and is a perfect WFH solution. Her chic pared down utility style aesthetic is perfectly suited to the moment and her book Know Your Style is packed full of tips and advice.

Alyson Walsh Know Your Style Book

Know Your Style Book by Alyson Walsh

In the end its thought provoking to realise that perhaps the simple act of putting on different clothes can help us to tackle symptoms of cabin fever and really lift and enhance our mood.

Dawnn Karen’s book is Dress Your Best Life and is available here

Alyson Walsh’s Know Your Style is available here